Help me with P2P - azureus [resolved]

Ok, so here’s what I’ve done. I’ve made Azureus (a popular P2P program) a trusted application. I went into Application Monitor in the Application Control rules thing said allow tcp/udp in/or on ANY port. Then I went to the Network Monitor and allowed all incoming connections on the TCP and UDP listening ports that Azureus is set to use. It still claims to be firewalled. If i exit the firewall it immediately starts working fine… as soon as I start comodo back up it immediately says it’s firewalled. What else can I do to allow it to work?

Thanks in advance-- Will

G’day Riceb11 and welcome
Never used Azureus but I’ll explain the steps I went through with mine.
Picked a port number in a range as was suggested.
Port forwarded my modem, or router if I had one, turned off upnp.

Set that port number in my prog, turned off randomize port number and upnp.
Set my comodo app rules as you seem to have. The only difference is I set 2 seperate rules, one in, one out both with explorer.exe as the parent.
p2p faq,5340.msg39469.html#msg39469
Net mon rule above default block rule
Allow tcp/udp- in from ip any- to ip any- source port is any- dest port is *****
We’ve been discussing Azureus in this thread.,7511.15.html
If you would like to post screen captures of your rules at any time.,6770.msg49566.html#msg49566

Hope this helps, let us know how you go

Here’s an update on this one for anyone who’s reading.

In my case it actually wasn’t my firewall that was blocking the program… which is really weird since turning the firewall off it would work, but as soon as I turned it on it would stop.

What was causing the problem was McAfee Virus Scan! If you open it up it actually has an “Acess Protection” Function that blocks 6 ports. Apparently it’s supposed to protect you from IRC or whatever. Well those are important to Azureus I guess, so you need to set Azureus.exe as an exception for that rule.

My explanation for disabling the firewall and that Azureus would work then is that it must’ve been able to find away around McAfee’s protection when the firewall was down, but when it’s up McAfee shut down it’s last way out. That’s all I can figure anyway. Good luck all.

Glad your’ve found the cause of the problem.