Help me understand What is default in system setting

Xp sp3, Avast Home, Comodo Firewall (old Version), CSC 2.0110158.

CSC appears to be great program, however i fear using it because of confusing user interface under SYSTEM SETTINGS.

There is a button " Restore to default" under each tab( like system,control panel…).The purpose of this button is not clear what it does?.

Does it restores system settings to windows defaults or comodo system cleaner’s Defaults. Your user manual(pdf) is also silent on this.

For example I have disabled Auto restart on crash, When i pressed the DEFAULT button and went under the System properties> startup and recovery to check , I found no changes were made.

Its OK to delete invalid CLSID but its a entirely different affair on system settings.

It will be of great help if somebody can explain the meaning of Only restart windows, not the entire system

is it safe mode??.

kindly help in clearing doubts, i feel forums are the best place to ask such qustions.



The “restore to defaults” button refers to restoring default settings of Windows.

Selecting the option “Only restart windows, not the entire system” will make only Windows to restart whenever a serious error occurs while BIOS remains at the previous version.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you Cassiopeea Ursu for helping.

however most article on Internet suggests when system crashes BIOS settings are not modified. Only you can modify Date/TIME from OS.

All the users will be grateful if a Post is created or Links on article are posted.

Thank you once again for helping