Help me to uninstall that!

OS:Windows XP Home SP3 32bit

When I finish install in windows, and restart.
First time, CTM was continue install.
When finish, I select Safe Mode in to Windows, and use some tool to clean junk in system.
Then restart, CTM WAS GONE!! NO BOOT SCREEN!!!
When I login windows, I CAN’T OPEN CTM PROGRAM!

And I want to uninstall it, it tell me need to restart system to finnish the install! ???

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Hi Misha.
Could you see CTM logo during startup? Which version of CTM are you using? It seems sub-console of CTM was removed. Could you please tell me which tool did you use for clean junk?


Hi doskey.
No, I can’t see CTM logo during startup.
CTM Version: 2.6.138262.166

Tools: Windows cleanmgr, JkDefragGUI(1.15)+NTREGOPT (& Defraged)

Could you make a cleantool for CTM?