Help Me To Solve This Problem

hi all … i just installed CFP 2.4 in my server … im using win 2k server as a OS platform … this server is for Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition … my question is

  1. when my client want to install the antivirus software from server , the request had deny … for ur info , if we used norton antivirus corporate edition we can install the antivirus software from the server … we can used the web browser to install it … what is the rules that i had to add in trusted zone ??

  2. if i set the security level to Custom , all my client can’t install it from the server … when they open the web browser and insert the URL , they will come out Page Cannot Found … but when i set it to Allow All ( security Level ) they can install it … how i can solve it ?

thanx for ur help

Hiya… Have a look at your event logs. You will probably need to add the server as a Trusted Zone. If you have the IP address of the server goto Security>>Tasks and Click on “Add/Modify Zone” then add the IP address and call it something easy to remember. next goto Define A New Trusted Network under the same tab and select the zone you just added and then click next and then finish. This should add the Server’s IP address as Trusted. Reboot the machine and try again… Hope this helps.