Help me Stealth All Ports


I have just installed COMDO FW 3, I used the Port Wizard and Selected “Block All Incoming Connections- stealth my ports to everyone” clicked finished

I receive a reply stating my firewall has been configured accordingly; But when I run Sheild’s up Firewall test only 5 ports are block and the rest are closed.

Any information to correct my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Hello SpaceBar!

I will try to help you saying what I have done to stealth all ports, creating a rule that ganda shows to me, ok? :slight_smile:

Open your CFP V3, go to “Firewall ==> Advanced”, and click on the “Network Security Policy” option. On the new window that will be opened, go to “Global rules” tab and click on the “add” button. So, create a rule like the below:

==> Action: block - Protocol: IP - Direction: In - Source address: any - Destination address: any - IP details/IP Protocol: any.

OBS: give any description to the rule.

After creating the above rule, make sure to let it on the “first place” at the “global rules list”.

So, you can try to run any firewall tests at ShieldsUP or PCFlank, and will see that your firewall will pass on all of it. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you. :■■■■

That rule should be provided by the Stealth Ports Wizard, but I have not tried the third option since I have a home LAN. One thing to be aware of, if you need any other Global Rules for inbound connections, they must come above this rule, since the rules are applied in sequence and this rule would prevent any inbound rules after it on the list from working.