help me, since updating comodo i can't get online using firefox

I updated my CIS recently just over a week ago. I recall being asked to install yahoo search, and I said yes, ( trusting Comodo to not steer me wrong).
However since updating to V, I now can not click on the firefox icon in my comodo widget and get online, like I was doing for months prior.
What I do see on my screen when do attempt to get online using the firefox icon in the widget, is an error announcement, that reads: " Unable to connect, Firefox is unable to establish a connection to the server, at"

I know the yahoo site is not down. and I am not using a network., I’m in a home with only this computer connected to my T.Warner provider.
The computer is using Windows XP Pro Version 2002 with SP 3

Know also that : I can click on the firefox icon located separately on my desk top and I can get online and take off surfing the web with no issues, but as i said before, I can not get online and surf the web to any web site, if i click on the firefox icon in the comodo widget. I don’t like going online outside of using comodo’s connection inside my widget! but i have to until this issue is corrected.
So tell me a solution please.
Plus, tell me How can I remove the yahoo search?
feature with out damaging my comodo update? … as I think yahoo search is the issue here, but it may not be, for I don’t know with any certainty.
and please know that I am no computer expert, just a simple user who likes Comodo. the solution maybe simple for you, but I am clueless as to how.
help please! and
thank you