Help me please!!!

I have finally had enough with Comodo Internet Security, and not being able to update the virus database.

I have been trying to uninstall the program, but it does not appear in the ‘Add/Remove’ programs in the control panel.

I have seen some previous posts about how to use ‘Start’, ‘Run’ and then type in some stuff, but this is what I don’t understand. The text that I put in is never recognised, and therefore I can’t get rid of the darn thing. Whatsmore, I then tried to install AVG over it, but obviously this was not allowed due to them conflicting.

Please help. Remember, you will need to explain in relatively ‘idiot’ terminology, and guide me through step-by-step as I am not used to using DOS, and the ‘Run’ feature.

Hello Jamesgray,

You can uninstall by using cfpconfg -u to activate this please take the following steps:

Press Start, Click Run, type CMD then press ENTER, now you will get a black window know’n as a command-box with a “prompt” something like


Now type cd “\program files\comodo\comodo internet security” and press ENTER
Now type cfpconfg -u and press ENTER it should bring up the uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller ; , has a nice “Hunter Mode” which will allow you to click on the Comodo Shield within the system tray which will then initiate the Comodo un-installer.

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