Help Me Please

For well over 3 months I have been using Comodo Anti Virus and I have not had a problem however yesterday I started having problems with it and it appears to be one file which I can not locate the file’s path is c:\documents and settings\christopher kirkland\local settings\tempoary internet files\content.ie5\cwoh0ri5.

    Before this my computer has no problems but as soon as it hits this particular file it has problems. It starts to take up most or all of the system resources and will not move off this file. I've tried leaving it on this file for 30 minutes and it still won't budge.

     Like I have said in the first paragraph I've used it for atleast 3 months with weekly scans and this problem has never occured to me. So my guess is its either this file or something to do with comodo anti virus software.

I’m curious, if you delete your Temorary Internet Files, does the file stay or get removed?

Might want to submit the file for inspection before you try that, just incase it does wipe it.

Yes I have tried deleting the tempoary files I have also thought that maybe it was a hidden file so I searched for hidden folders. But have found nothing yet every time I run a scan it some how finds this file and gets stuck on it.

Very strange. Definitely submit the file to Comodo for analysis when it reappears.

But how am I suposed to submit it if I can’t even find it?

Okay, just to make sure, did you untick the Hide Protected OS File? KIrkland, you mean that after you empty the entire folder, you still get that file when you perform a scan?

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Okay I tired again to find it. I unticked Hide Protected OS File and got a bit further however I did not find it still.Then I I typed it in ie and I got into a folder however even when I deleted it the problems are still occuring.

      Another wierd thing is that I don't use ie5 anymore I use ie7 so why all of a sudden now this is comming up its extrememly wierd.

That directory has been called “Content.IE5” since MSIE5 & was never renamed… for consistency I suppose (MSIE6 also uses the very same name).

On your actual problem… are you looking for a file called “cwoh0ri5”? Since it’s a directory not a file. Under Content.IE5 you will probably find several directories with these strange names (these contain the actual MSIE cached files).

One more thing… But, I can’t be 100% sure about this because your using MSIE7. If under Content.IE5 you can’t find a called index.dat or if it is there and the modified date is not recent, then you’re probably looking at a dead Content.IE5 which is no longer in use.

You mean the problem that CAVS keep on finding that particular file and start to freeze your PC?

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Get the latest updates and try again. Pl post your result here.