Help me please anyone that has done this..

can you guys tell me if i do an HP destructive recovery if i can still leave my wireless mouse plugged in? and also i replaced the disk drive(the one that burns cd’s and reads them too) can i leave those too things in or do i need to take out? (it says to take out anything in USB port but idk if wireless mouse would be an exception)

Any help appreciated! :smiley:

You should be able to leave the wireless mouse adaptor in place, but you may need to manually conneect to get the mouse to work. Once the mouse is talking to the transmitter/receiver, the system should just see it as a normal mouse. The OS doesn’t know or care about the connection between the port and the device, just whether there is a connection or not.

I’ve never had a problem running a recovery with a cordless mouse.

How bout the disk drive I replaced? That can stay too?


You will be able to boot your recovery DVD off the drive and complete the instasll, but some recovery images include bundled versions of CD/DVD apps that are specific to the hardware originally installed in the system. You may find that the included burning apps might not work.

Unlikely scenario, but possible.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Wait so what your saying is that i need to boot the CD’s off another Disk Drive? or i don’t know what your saying really :confused:

No, he’s saying that the drive you have in the machine should work fine with the recovery discs but some of the software that was made to work with the old drive in place may or may not recognize the new one. The burning apps in particular. The HP bundled burning software is sometimes set to only work in the original environment to prevent you installing it on a different machine.

Thanks dch, much clearer explanation. :-TU

They gave me a supplemental disk would that fix it? Or as Panic said it can be rarely?

I really don’t want to mess up my burning ability :confused:


Who are they?

fix it

Fix what?

If worst comes to worst, you could always download another buring app that is not hardware dependant. I really like CD Burner XP ( It does everything I need to do and may work for you as well.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Oh okay thanks all this information is very helpful :slight_smile: