[Help me]HIPS on Crazy mode cause Avast free antivirus license invalid.

Sytem: windows 10 1709(Updated Sept 2017) x64 pro with kb4054517 update, remove ie and Edge,Defender.stop Windows Firewall.
Frist installed comodo firewall (hips was off), then installed avast free antivirus 17.9.2321(only use four basic protection functions). restart PC.Completed the start,imported comodo configuration, now hips was on Crazy mode, hips rules: avastsvc.exe avastui.exe avemupdate.exe aswidsgenta.exe taskhostw.exe TiWorker.exe seted to windows System application.The next morning,power on the computer,“Your license is not valid” did happen on avast free antivirus.
The configuration file used is in the attachment.

The other system:windows 10 1709(Updated Sept 2017) x86 pro with kb4054517 update, remove ie and Edge,defender.Stop Windows Firewall.Same installed comodo firewall and avast free antivirus 17.9.2321,but comodo hips seted to off.No license expired on avast free antivirus.

After many tests, it is estimated that hips on Crazy mode caused the license to expire
Please help check under the hips configuration what causes the license expired.
Thank you very much! ! !

Hi zony,
Team will be in touch, in the mean time, may you please share Firewall and HIPS logs?


Thank you for your help!!!
This morning, when the computer was powered on, both test computers showed that the AVAST license expired without internet connection. Now, I am confused.
Can you tell me how to get Firewall and HIPS logs? Thank you!

Unfiltered diary export。

Thanks, team will check.

I’m sorry, new changes have taken place. I will install avast separately for testing. Please wait for my test, so as not to waste your time.

Hello, zony.
Please provide us the results with avast separately. Thank you in advance.

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Installed avast separately。 After several tests,It has been identified as a problem between the Avast Authorization Server URL and the network connection service provider.
I feel very sorry,Thank you for your attention。You can delete my post. thank you very much! ! !

Hi, zony.

Thank you for your checking and answer.

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