Help me go back to V2 [Merged Threads]

This new version has way too many problems and appears to have been released prematurely. VPN and Internet connection sharing don’t work for starters.

How do I undo the upgrade and get my old version and settings back?

Are you able to get to system retstore?

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore and go back to a date when you had V2 working correctly.


Hi there

Can you help?

First of all may I state that (L) and have installed it on all 4 computers in our house (Version 2)
Unfortunately, my daughter came to me the other night and said “Dad, come quick…something has happened to my Firewall. I was asked to upgrade Comodo and I clicked yes and it upgraded to Version 3…and it has locked my Laptop. Please can you help?” So when I went to the laptop, sure enough the computer had installed Comodo Version 3 and had locked the computer. I did the usual thing of Control, Alt and Delete…but it had no effect…it wouldn’t shut down the Computer and I went to Start but again the Computer just wouldn’t shut down. So I had to do the drastic action and turn the Computer off by holding down the power button. When I turned it on, it went onto the blue screen and then it eventually turned onto Windows, but I was bombarded with numerous questions from Comodo V3. My daughter said “Dad,I don’t like this Version, can I go back to Version 2?”…personally speaking, I didn’t like what I saw of Version 3 either, but maybe it is early days of its development and will grow to be more user friendly, at the moment IMHO it is too fussy and to complicated compared to Version 2 (of course that is only my opinion)
So my Question to you is …Can you help my daughter, can she go back to Version 2 ? and be happy again and if she does will she loose all the settings of the Firewall?



If it is impossible to reconfigure the firewall so that it settles down (see the numerous other strands relating to this) then you’ll need to remove it.
You’ll want to press F8 when windows is starting up so that you are shown the start up options.
Start up the PC and tap the F8 key, keep tapping it until you see a screen with options for different start ups.
Use the arrow keys to highlight SAFE MODE and let the PC start up, it will offer you a choice during this of using a roll back pont or continuing to open in safe mode.
If you have been setting roll backs regularly then you could use that, note the V3 install doesn’t set up a roll back point before it installs. So you may be best ignoring this.
When windows opens in safe mode you’ll find V3 doesn’t start up at all so you can hop into the ADD/REMOVE programs in CONTROL PANEL and remove it.
Restart normally and it will be gone.
Unfortunately you’ll have to start from scratch on the V2 rules when you reinstall it.


Thanks Nickj

You have just helped my daughter from having a “heart attack” (only joking) I probably didn’t explain myself too well but I did get her laptop started again (without going into safe mode)
I was able to go back to Version 2 by using System Restore…so hopefully everything is back to the way it used to be.

Unfortunately, my other 17yr old daughter hadn’t heard all the problems with Version 3 and she also installed it. Her reaction was the same as her sister " that she didn’t like it and could I get rid of it for her"…and of course with your help I did get rid of it and went back to the more stable and easier to use version 2.



I have found that with Comodo Firewall v2.4 that after intial installation, none of my programs would complete their access to the web. I had to tell Comodo to “Allow Fragmented IP Datagrams”. Everything worked after that. Where I live at, my DSL is on a “Reach” and I experience a high number of fragmented packets.
When I upgraded to Comodo Firewall v3, I experienced a similar Non-Responsive effect. Version 3, by default, allowed fragmented datagrams. So there was something else blocking my way. At the top of Comodo’s Diplay page there are 4 menu options: Summary, Firewall, Defense+, Miscellaneous. Choose “Firewall”. Under “Firewall Tasks” choose “Advanced”. Out of the four options available, choose “Attack Detection Settings”.
Under this menu you will find 2 tabbed headings. Choose “Miscellaneous”. Un-Check “Do Protocol Analysis”.
I have not had a problem with any of my programs accessing the web after unchecking this option.
I have found that if I leave the default settings Comodo sets at installation, nothing will work. You have to find the proper options that will work for you. The ones I have listed here today have worked for me.


I had posted a comment that v 3.0 was causing popup questions regarding my Dell Resource CD and a rcd.msi file. Others verified similar requests for a CD containing this file.

I have used Control Panel and uninstalled v 3.0. Everything “seems” fine now but this post made me wonder if I needed to do this from Safe Mode? Since my pc was stable other than the annoying requests for the rcd.msi file, was I OK not to uninstall through Safe mode?

Also, is it advised I should use some sort of registry cleaner and if so, what would be a top recommendation if I absolutely need to do this.

I think I will continue to use Windows XP firewall until these bugs are worked out and hope that will be sufficient protection.

Thank you.

Registry cleaners are a dime a dozen and many of them work very well. But the crucial thing to appreciate is that “messing with” the registry is fraught with danger, and there are more than a few Registry cleaners (both free and commercial) that aren’t worthy of your trust.

Everybody who uses a Registry cleaner will have their own opinion, so you may get many different recommendations. All I can do is give you mine.

I have used RegSupreme for several years and it has never let me down yet. I should add that includes using it not only on my own systems (a small network) but on numerous client systems over the years as well.

If all you want is a Registry cleaner then the basic RegSupreme will do the job for you. As you will discover at the publisher’s website there is also RegSupreme Pro and jv16 PowerTools. The Registry cleaner component of each uses the same engine. If you want more features take a look at Pro and PowerTools.

You’ll find details here:

Best regards,

  • Bill Hely

Please don’t think I’m one of those angry users of your wonderful free firewall product which, up till now with the recent update, has been surprised and delighted using your time tested & proven to be the best free firewall online. I’ve been surprised for some time that “big daddy Microsoft” has not tried to buy your company to make your firewall their standard on Vista and future operating systems.
But, I don’t think someone at Comodo, Inc. has their business mind working right. This new version was not obviously ready to put out on the market, and it is just a little beyond the average users ability to wok with happily. I think you need someone in authority to wake up quick and make the previous version,, available to all your present users or your going to find a big loss of users going to alternatives which are nowhere near as good as

After having spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how to uninstall your new update, V.3, I finally found this forum which provided a good programmer at Comodo who gave instructions for total installation of the d.ll files and anything else left after I ran your standard uninstall that partially worked that would not let me try to reinstall at a site where I thought I could get the older version. Unfortunately, the, your last version before this pile of problems, V.3, was not there. (For users reading this who are having a hard time totally uninstalling or got upset, tried to uninstall like I did and now realize that you want Comodo, even if it is the new version, but can’t reinstall because your computer says it is still on your system after you have uninstalled it, simply go to , read the whole page first and then follow this smart programmers’ instructions. I finally got it totally off my system and can reinstall the new version if I want and struggle with it until I get it configured right in a week or so. )
My request for you here at comodo is to make the prior version available at your site, or tell us where to get it at other download sites until you either work the bugs out or come up with an update that is not problematic. I think you made the old business mistake of “reinventing the wheel” that already worked or made a wheel beyond your users taste-bud.
I wish you luck because you have been great for the web up till now and you don’t need the bad press.
Richard at divinenews
I’m su

V2.4 is still available at the Comodo download site (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

For anyone having problems getting rid of v3, see my post here:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for responding to my opinions.

Again, I think comodo and your staff are amoung the best online.

Will there be an announcement when the bugs have been fixed (such as the one I reported about the program asking for rcd.msi files)?? I don’t want to use 3.0 until things are fixed.


Firstly… (L) Hehe good work and congratulations to the Comodo team for creating such a good piece of software (and free too)! A bit of a side-track here but will v2.4 still be supported and receive updates and such because I have installed v3.0 and it caused a barrage of pop-ups asking me to allow connections (I spent about 15 minutes clicking “yes” after “yes”) and I found it fairly confusing unlike 2.4’s much lesser initial barrage of pop-ups. My games hang half-way and it took me 4 restarts just to connect to my online game server. Finally I gave up and reverted to 2.4 which was much easier to use. Just wondering…maybe the features of 3.0 can be integrated into the existing 2.4s as part of an update perhaps? I am not really that computer savvy so please forgive me if my suggestions sound a bit weird. (:TNG) Thanks again to the Comodo team for making online security their priority. (R)

Thanks for any suggestions!