Help me decide which Configuration to select

Here’s my situation:

(1) I saved my CFP 3.0 configuration, and imported it into CIS 3.5
(2) My CIS setup is Firewall and D+ (no CAV)
(3) Reading the forum, I am discovering recommendations to make significant edits to my imported configuration - a lot more than I want to make!


Assuming I am now willing to select one of the default CIS configurations instead of the imported CFP configuration, which one should I select, and why? The manual doesn’t explain which one to select for Firewall and Defence + without the AV.

Here are my choices:



Hey trench3.

-Optimum is the configuration you imported from CFP 3.0.

-Internet is the DEFAULT installation configuration on a clean installation, And is the most recommended. You will get FAR less pop ups, and works well with any good AV, And you still maintain good Security. Things like Image Execution are disabled, and only some Monitor Settings are activated because of AV Software & the upgraded technology in D+ & Firewall. I recommend this one.

-Proactive is like CFP 3.0, Everything is checked in Defense+, Image Execution is Normal, All Monitor Settings are checked. It’s just like CFP 3.

As for the others, Antivirus & Firewall are also set at different settings when activated. But don’t know which one specifically.


AntiVirus - Firewall Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options

Firewall - AntiVirus Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options


3xist (Josh) and CGPMaster:

Thanks for your assistance! In the end, I decided to dump my old imported CFP 3.0 configuration and selected CIS 3.5 “Internet” configuration. It works fine, with a tolerable number of pop-ups with both Firewall and D+ in “Safe Mode”.

My take-way lesson:

(1) Always back up your configuration in case to need to restore or re-install the current version of CIS
(2) When you upgrade, use the newer version’s default configuration.

Thanks again!