help me, blue screen

hello, i installed just firewall and i think problems appeared with defence+. So, after installation everything was ok, but after few computer restarts, when windows xp started, windows showed dialog that windows error and i could choose to send an error report or don’t send. After then they work good. But after a few minutes the blue screen appeared

. And this are happening everytime. Can someone help me? P.S. sorry for my english (:SHY)

If you [url=[/url] the developer could examine it to possibly solve your issue in the upcoming releases.

can you help me how to do that? :THNK

Sorry, my mistake the link I intended to post was this Comodo Forum

If there are some difficult steps please let me know.

I found one fact, that this happens when my friend opens a internet browser. We are in lan and i am sharing an internet to switch.

Inspect.sys is CIS/CFP firewall driver.

I guess the only reasonable option ATM would be to locate the crashdump and post it alng with a bugreport according to BSODs: Please add your minidump files here and then uninstall CIS and wait for an update.

[b]Find your minidumps[/b] Paste the [u]Small dump directory[/u] string you found in Startup and Recovery Dialog (eg. [i]%SystemRoot%\Minidump[/i]) in explorer and hit go;topic=13169.0;attach=7523;image

The only alternative to this is to reinstall CIS and if this happens again to uninstall any software that could be related to this (more easy to say than to guess) and this usually involves a series of attempts and reboots.

Maybe other members could suggest you something more helpful but I’m sorry to say there is not much that I can do ATM. :-[