Help me! app can`t be started after blocked.

When I ran an app for the first time, a pop-up appeared, back then I was not familiar with it, so I choose to block it, but too bad the app cant be started, I dont want Defense+ to block it again, after the event I added it to my own safe files, but it did not work, what should I do to allow the app to run normally again?

Would you please please please… tell me ? thank you very much in advance.

I`m sorry if puzzling you with the question, I am Asian, so my English is not good, I can only use limited phrases and vocabulary to describe my problem and there might be some grammar mistakes .

Try going to Defense+ / Advanced / Computer Security Policy. From here you can find the application that you chose to block and Remove it from the list. This should solve your problem.

The next time you start the application you should either receive a popup asking you about it or it will already work fine because you have added it to your Safe Files.

Great job . You are really a problem shooter. Thank you.

And I thank you for the thank you.
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