HELP ME.About diagnostic report of SUPERantispyware

I googled SUPERantispyware and had installed the free home version of it.
But when I was installing it, I checked the recommended action (see attachment)
for sending diagnostic reports to them. And I noticed that files sending to them
are coming from my computer?I read the notifications of their background that
there is no personal information sent in these reports but i find it very uncomfortable.
Am not so sure if any of my informations are sent to them, though i thought
this antispyware is good. Am just concern about when i go online banking and have it type
my social security number, account numbers and more, it might be sent to them…
What do you suggest? Please help me get rid of my concern.
This is the only screenshot i had.

[attachment deleted by admin]


No Worries :slight_smile:

SuperAntiSpyware Diag. just sends basic information like other security products / RAM / HD / OS Etc. etc…

No Personal Info Is Being Sent,

  • Jacob