Help - Macromed\ Flash Sandboxed....

Any advice:

Comodo keeps sandboxing \Macromed\Flash located in system 32 - I have added the entire content
to Comodo trusted files (whilst in sandbox) I have right clicked to add file(s) to trusted files; however every time I launch Firefox Comodo sandboxes \Macromed\Flash. Firefox becomes non responsive and crashes…


Hi tonystuartcole,

Solutions I’m thinking of :

Enable cloud scanning ==> Defense + > Defense + Settings > Execution Control Settings > "Perform cloud based analysis of unrecognized files "+ “Automatically submit unrecognized files in the cloud”.
This way if your Flash installation is safe, CIS will automatically remove it from the unrecognized files.

If you’re sure your Flash installation is not infected, remove it manually from the unrecognized files and check “show notifications for automatically sandboxes processes” in Defense + > Defense + Settings > Sandbox Settings.
This way, the next time Flash is launched CIS will alert you that it will be sandboxed. Answer do not sandbox in the popup and Flash won’t be sandboxed anymore.

Nope neither of those worked - thanks for the advice. Why is it still being blocked even though I’ve added all as safe processes etc., I have had to remove Comodo as no browser will work


Is it only that one application that you are having problems with or is CIS sandboxing other files it shouldn’t?

No it is only those few files located in system32 - I have added the entire content to every safe list possible but Comodo still sandboxes, then I cannot use any browser