Help - Laptop can get into Desktop but Desktop cannot get into Laptop

I have CFP3 on a laptop and I can wirelessly get into my wired desktop through the router but I cannot get into the laptop from the desktop.

I can see the laptop on the network from the desktop but again I cannot get into the shared folders.
I can also print to my shared printer which is connected to the desktop, from the laptop.

Both computers are running fully updated XP Pro
The Desktop is not running any firewalls since it is behind several external firewalls.
The Laptop is running CFP3 and Avast Antivirus with windows security center and windows firewall completely disabled.

Any help would be very appreciated.


Hey Tim,
Saw your post and thought I’d add my $0.02 (I’m no expert).

I have the same set up - PC, laptop, XP, etc - except my CFP3 is on my PC, so I had the reversed problem.
For me it was as simple as adding my laptops static IP address to my trusted network ( Firewall > My Network Zones).

Just in case (you seem to know your stuff) go to Start > Run > CMD >type: ipconfig > Enter > and the first address is your static ip for your PC and should be added to your network. If this is overly simple or off the mark I apologize - just sharing my experience.


Hi Tim,welcome to the forums,
Do as Comofo suggested and add your desktop IP in My Network zones
Now try running the “stealth ports wizard”
Choose the top option “Define a new trusted network” /Next/from the dropdown menu choose the new network/Now click finish.
You should end up with 2 rules in "Global rules"Allow incoming and outgoing from new network and 2 rules in “application rules” under system the same.

Hope this helps,