HELP! just updated comodo firewall 5.5.195786.1383 and all settings lost!!!

Can anyone tell me how i can roll back and get all my settings back? PLEASE! praying there is a way to do this.

I have used Version 5.1 for yrs as i felt it was the best version as previous attempts to update(over 1yr ago) gave me some new platform which looked nothing like my old firewall and could not find any of the settings i previously had so i stuck with the old version blocking updates(although i noticed how the tick box for the updates gets re-ticked every time i untick it!) but i blocked in the firewall.

Anyway i just updated, i did a system restore just before i clicked UPDATE incase of probs and found after the update i lost maybe 4yrs worth of hard work setting up my firewall and it had so many hours put into all the various settings. I am now left with a blank canvass.
I tried a system restore but the new firewall remains with my settings gone!

Can anyone make any suggestions on how i might get them back?
It’s going to take me literally weeks to put everything back all due to updating! :o(

Hoping there may just be a fix or deleted files i could restore on the PC somewhere??

i originally posted this in the wrong board area and it was moved, i reposted somewhere else and updated after i managed to fix the problem, i found that under “manage my configurations” area i have 2 profiles listed one for internet, firewall and proactive security, when i clicked activate for the firewall one all my settings came back so was very relieved!