help? it wont install because...

ok i download CTM b/c it sounded like a good program to use. when i tried to install it it gave me a warning/error saying something like “deepfreeze is installed on this computer…ect ect” i removed DeepFreeze from my computer before i installed CTM. its not in add/remove. i used advance system care free version to remove it. but i did notice a i got a message popup b4 the system restart but i couldnt read it in time. i have the download files stil so i re-downloaded DP. restarted my comp. and its on my add/remove thing but the iron now doesnt show up and when i run “DFStd” it says " This Install program cannont detect product version information" ??? >:(. but im siting here looking at DF in the add/remove programs conotrol thing.

i dont get why it wont install CTM :'(. im going to try a regular remove and see what happens.

DeepFreeze seems not compatible with CTM.