help installing THE NEW

I have downloaded the file twice and both will not install. all that comes up is a quick dos command window and then no windows or notice or anything. a window stating that the program did not install correcty may come up and I tried both options with no luck.

I am using ZoneAlarm ver and did a complete (NO TRACE LEFT) program removal,
turned off virus scanner (avast home edition ver 4.7) and turned off spybot before installation, even turned UAC off. no luck. ZoneAlarm installs with the virus scanner running and I refuse to remove the virus scanner as it takes a while to update after a new install.

using windows vista home premium 32 bit edition. would some one please help me.


I am not on a network and use dialup for net connection (please do not laugh broadband very expensive here) and know my way around windows fairly well (been doing it since win 95 and edit the windows registry with out backing it up first and never had a problem.)

Are you running any other security software? The patch you downloaded is for people running .268 or .273 already, and has sometimes been problematical. The setup program is the one you want to work with. Did you reboot between tries to get rid of things like hung installers? Would probably be worth going to regedit32 and looking for Comodo items in the registry just in case something got corrupted. See for making sure the Comodo traces are really gone. Avast! and Comodo work fine together under Vista; ZoneAlarm uninstall did not leave behind any problems for me. Haven’t heard that Spybot (Teatimer?) is an issue, but don’t use it myself.

thank you for your reply sded but this info does not help as the installer never starts at all.
The only reference to comodo was with comodo anti-malware which I removed (NO TRACES left) because the updates took to long to download.

the only other security program running is windows defender but the installer fails to start as well if this service is stopped.

let me be specfic there is no lockups, no errors, no anything. double click downloaded file as mentioned and a breif command window appears (nogthing inside) and program exits back to desktop. I do have a previous ver (3.09) and this ver is 19.8 megs and the ver I downloaded is only 9.8 megs. could I have not downloaded a full ver. I also looked at the properties of the downloaded ver and was shocked to see it reference DOS based settings. I far as I know .pif files are only used with 16 bit and below files (if I am wrong then I am wrong) and are not neeed with 32 bit files, what gives. also tried altering sercurity settings with no luck.

if some one can give me a link to a more recent past ver that i could try and then maybe use what i downloaded to update maybe that would work.

please note that I have not installed any version of comodo firewall at all. the installer for me does not work at all.

The smaller size is due to a change in the way that the Safe File storage is done, so at 9.8 megs you have the full version. When you say you are looking at the properties, what do you mean? The Explorer properties show no such settings. You do need to be working with the full version, not the update.

I disabled Tea Timer long ago as it created problems before I started using CFP such as not being able to update with the MS update website. If I’m not mistaken it’s similar in nature to D+ and probably not needed. Open Spybot, advanced mode, tools, Resident and uncheck Tea Timer.

Try it, you have nothing to lose.

thank you sded and hikertrash for your replies.

still no luck.

in reply to sded comment : right click on the file and select properties. click the program tab and you will see a MS-DOS icon in the upper left corner. these settings and settings on other tabs apply to old programs from the days of DOS programs in win 95 and win 98, I do not know why they appear on a program designed for win xp and vista. I cut my teeth in computing on a 486 MS-DOS computer and still remember command line commands.

in reply to hickertrash comment : tried no luck.

right now I am tring to get the install to run with zonealarm installed (takes to long to competely uninstall) I figure I can back out once I get something on screen which is what I want to happen.
beside the dos command window the other window that appears in a program compatibility assistant window but each option here also provides no install.

I am trying to install it on a HP Pavilion dv9205ca notebook with all the media keys active if this makes a difference. I am about ready to give up. HELP

There seems to be a basic disconnect between what you are seeing on Vista Home Premium and what others see on Vista-see attached properties tabs. I am using Vista Ultimate and see no such DOS information-could you be running in a compatibility mode, which is one thing that could make the installer crash?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the help people but I solved it. I downloaded the file from and it worked. I can now at least get the window stating that

if you have a thrid party firewall etc would you like to contine.

it seems to be a problem at the comodo firewall download site. it needs checking. I am giving the path I took in link form so someone can check this file out.
link 1 =
click download now, which leads to

link 2 = Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo

click the red text under 32 bit setup which gives you the file I was trying to install. this is the one giving me all the heartache and I downloaded it twice in the same manner with the same results.

wish me luck. if I have any problems I’ll be back.