Help installing CIS

trying to install the new version of CIS, installation hanging at writing system registry values, can I get some help, avast is uninstall please.

I am still trying to install CIS, can I get some help with my problem

Hi, I tested several AVir, Aspy, ISS, pp. with CIS/CFW V3 and now V4 works stable - see .

I guess I just need to keep trying??? No software should be that difficult to install

can you tell me exactly what is happening? If something is hanging it might be some other software, what else do you have running in the background?

Hi, I’ve just posted a rsponse to a post by jaapie re installtion, in respect of warning, missing cfp.dll.
Is this your problem?

My PC runs XP SP3. I went to
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo Downloader

and installed using the msi package. This corrected the previous unworkable installation (of the latest free CIS)

Hope this is of some use to you.

Thanks for all the respond, but the security programs and whats running in in my signature. the installation goes okay until it gets to “writing system registry value” and just stays there. I have tried it several times.