Help: Installation Mode

I’ve gotten Comodo to work bearably on my computer but I can’t seem to get it to work well when i’m trying to install programs or files. Even when you put Comodo into installation mode it still flags pending files, scans, and pretty much slows down installing software to a crawl. I was hoping that if I waited awhile there would be an update that fixed this among other issues with Comodo, but there hasn’t really been anything. Could you please code in a way to just disable Comodo Defense+ completely when installing programs? Another thing, even if you close Comodo it still runs, scans files, and adds them to the pending list. Why doesn’t Comodo shut down like a regular program? It’s really weird.

The best way to enter Install mode is to start your installer and when you get the first pop-up for the installer (not Explorer starting the installer), click the “Treat this program as…” and select Installer or… from the drop-down. You will then get a pop-up asking you if you want to enter Installation Mode. Click yes and you will get no further pop-ups unless the installer invokes another installer (like the Microsoft msi installer). In that case, just repeat the process for that installer.

I’ve done that before and yes you don’t get a bunch of updates, however, Comodo still scans all the files and flags them in to pending. It also still blocks certain installers for accessing memory. All of these things in combination kills install times. It’s really kind of unacceptable. I’ve gone from oc’d quad core installs to what feels like having an old athlon thunderbird. I’m not a computer expert but i’ve done a fair amount of configuring and problem shooting for this program. It’s about time some of the very basic issues were fixed. The program really need to be able to be turned off without having to manually kill the processes through task manager.

The most dangerous thing you do to your computer is install software. If you are certain that the installer is safe, just give it “Trusted Application” status in the Treat this program as… pop-up. I cannot recommend this and I personally would be a bit wary of software that accesses processes in memory during an installation.
As for the Pending Files list, if you are happy that the files are safe, just check All and Remove them. The list is just a record of the changes that have been written to your hard drive and does not affect the way that those files are treated (unless you do a Lookup and find that they are Safe). The list is intended to allow you to check the files written to your drives for safety. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t do it.

I had a similar problem and initially thought the problem was with Comodo CFP v3 but found out that it was Comodo BoClean causing the problem. Now when I install something as well as switching CFP to Installation mode I temporarily disable BoClean as well. Try this and see if it helps.

Just a thought - when you disable the program, do you also click the Apply button? I noticed that you have to click apply for selecting the Mode, even though it is set by slider on that page. Not the normal way to do it, so maybe that is all that is needed?

One other point - I had not noticed your security configuration before - it does not show up on the posting window’s Topic Summary listing. You have three programs scanning new files. It is really not surprising that installs are slow - they must be tripping over each other. The only real surprise is that they can run together at the same time!