Help in setting up exclusions

I can’t seem to find the directions for my version of Comodo Firewall

What I’d like to do is setup an exclusions folder so that it won’t make any pops up for this folder. It’ll be my Steam folder.

Can someone instruct me on how to do so?

Also, would it be safe to do so?

Edit: The reason I want to do thisis I’m tired of having to hit my restart button on my PC cause it keeps getting locked up when I’m starting a full screen game and Comodo wants to popup a screen causing my computer to lock up.

What module do you want to do it for? Firewall, HIPS, Sandbox, AV?

Guess that woudl have been helpful.

HIPS is what causes the lock up.

[ol]- Open CFW main GUI

  • Click Tasks in the upper-right corner
  • Expand Advanced Tasks
  • Click Open Advanced Settings
  • Expand Security Settings in the left-menu of the window that opened
  • Expand File Rating
  • Click File Groups
  • Right-click in the list and click Add > New Group
  • Name it something, I’ll use Steam folder for this example
  • Right-click the new Steam folder group and click Add > Folders
  • Navigate to your Steam folder then highlight it and click OK (Default folder on an x64 system is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam )
  • If you have games installed on other drives, use the step above to add them to the group
  • Expand Defense+ in the left menu
  • Expand HIPS and click HIPS Rules
  • Right-click in the list and click Add
  • A new window should open, click Browse which is located right of the Name field and then hover over File Groups and then click the file group you added previously which in this example is Steam folder
  • Switch from Use Ruleset to Use a Custom Ruleset
  • Click Copy from > Ruleset > Allowed Application
  • Locate Run an executable in the Access Rights table and then click Modify (0/0) under the Exclusions for Run an executable
  • Right-click in the empty list of the new window and click Add > File Groups > Steam folder then click OK (This will allow applications within the steam folder to launch other applications inside the steam folder)
  • Click OK on the HIPS rule window for Steam folder
  • Make sure the Steam folder rule is positioned above any other Steam related rules.
  • Click OK on all remaining windows[/ol]

That should probably work, Steam should be run as an allowed application and it should be allowed to launch other applications within the steam folder and the other applications within the steam folder should be run as allowed and should be allowed to run other application within the steam folder, some installation executables may however be saved to and run from the temp folders, in which case you’ll get alerts for those, but that shouldn’t be an issue once the installation is done and naturally a game shouldn’t go fullscreen until all necessary installations are done.

Edit: Please note that this won’t stop any alerts from the firewall.

Thank you.

I won’t know if this works until I get another new game, but it should do what I needed.