help in returning itunes back to "all programes"

I was in Start > all programmes > itunes . what i wanted to do was to create a shortcut to the desktop , what I have inadvertently done was that i held down the itunes icon and moved it to the desktop , [ thinking that it would just create an icon] but i seem to have moved the whole programme onto the desktop and i dont know how to put it back to ‘all programmes’ again, any idea’s would be grateful as it’s my daughters and she won’t be too chuffed …

Very simply. Right click on the icon in the start menu and chose “send to desktop”. Presto. BTW iTunes is horrible. I use Winamp. If you right click on a blank spot on your desktop you should get the option to “undo move” aslong as that was the last thing you did.

I seemed to have moved the whole programme to the desktop , it’s no longer in "all programmes " I just wan to move it back . its already on the desktop…

Also - I tried to click on a blank space and it just comes up with undo delete, not undo move ?

I recreated your problem and now I have the same Problem :slight_smile: haha

If you open up Windows explorer you should be able to drag it back in to the start menu.

What you can do is… My computer-C-Program files- And then Drag the itunes folder or EXE to start and put it in the “all programs…”

so if i drag the itunes folder to the start button and then when that opens drop it in ‘all programmes’ that should do it… if I tried for a restore point would that also put it back ?

Just Drag the iTunes.Exe into the start menu and drop it in all programs. It should come up as “Shortcut to Itunes.exe” or similar… Just rename it :slight_smile: