Help in blocking off IPS

I’ve installed Comodo Firewall

ad i use an application called APEXDC++
this software i use to to connect to my buddies on a LAN
all users on this lan have same isp

i want to block off ips other than those in my isp range

in short i have granted all access to apex dc ++

but wanna block of a certain ip range for apex dc++


You could go to CIS > Firewall > Firewall Settings > “Check” Create Rules for Safe Applications > OK > Run apex dc++ > close it
Firewall > Network Security Policy > apex dc++ executable > edit > add (See attachment how to use such rule) > Apply (Make sure you move this rule to the top)

Note, This will block all BUT the range that is specified; (Only connections are coming from and to this application)

Does this help?


[attachment deleted by admin]

okay so its for source

will stop the upload and destination will stop download?

nopes i still can get those users filelist

not working :slight_smile:

Well, Depends, If incoming then it would be destination, if it’s outgoing it would be source :slight_smile:



its both incomming and out goung…

anyways added a global rule in itself…