Help identifying location of malware and if it is false positive

I just got my Internet upgraded to BT infinity and with it was some software that was optional to download and install. I wanted to install it because it can make some things easier, no internet search brought up any AV alerts false or true positives for the software with filename: FlDesktopHelpInstall.exe

Upon installing it Comodo blocked some files from installing, the installation did go ahead but the software fails to work correctly because of this so I uninstalled it.

The files were marked as being suspicious and not malware but after the installation was complete I ran a uick AV scan and TrojWare.Win32.Qhost. was detected at malware but at an unknown location, something that would resemble an Internet IP address. The location Comodo gives is:

What exactly is this so called TrojWare.Win32.Qhost. and is it really a virus and where is the location of it? I always remove viruses manually and since it is years ago since AV software attempted to disinfect files I always have to delete, sees AV companies given up on bothering to offer disinfect option many years ago. I always check with Virus Total when possible but in this case I can’t because I’ve no idea where this file is located that is supposedly infected.

How can I find it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please find attached the log file which shows the “suspicious files” as well as the virus file name and location that is no help to me. If this is a Trojan I want it removed ASAP and preferably without a clean vanilla install of Windows.

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Hi Alpha, see this.

Thanks for your help, it doesn’t look serious then other than blocking AV updates but I checked my host file and it hasn’t been modified at all so not sure why Comodo would show this.

Done quick scans using other AV (Kaspersky and Trendmicro) software and nothing was detected. I used to use anti trojan scanners at one time but too many false positives. I will see if I can find a more reliable trojan scanner but if not then I might be reinstalling Windows for peace of mind some time before year end.