HELP! I selected "BLOCK" and "Remember My Answer" by mistake.

Windows Vista Home Premium.

Comodo Firewall Security Level “Safe Mode”
Defense + “Clean PC Mode”
Sandbox disabled.

For some reason, when trying to access System Restore, Comodo told me that something was trying to change a registry key.

I decided to Block and see if the Registry change it was attempting was necessary.
I DID NOT want it to “Remember My Answer”, in case this Registry change was necessary.

I then found out that it will NOT let me access the System Restore without making that change.
But unfortunately, “Remember My Answer” must have been checked.

I would like to change this, and NOT have it Remember My Answer, or, not BLOCK whatever it wanted to do.
I know there must be a simple way to do this (?) - or hope there is.
I know I could uninstall and reinstall Comodo, - or go back to Windows Firewall - but I’m sure there is a better way than that to deal with this.

Please help. I need to access my System Restore, and cannot - keep getting an Error Message.
How do I change my selection and UnBlock, once I’ve selected that?

Blocked files are listed in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files tab. Select the item you want to unblock and press Remove button.

In addition to what deadman has stated it may well have been services.exe want`s to change X registry key.

Go to Computer Security Policy->Locate services.exe and double left click->Click “Customize”->Click “Modify” next to “Protected Registry Keys”->Look in the Blocked Registry Keys section and Remove any that are listed. APPLY/OK to close all windows.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the responses.

deadman - I went to :
Computer Security Policy.

There is no “Blocked Files” Tab.

There is a horizontal listing of “Application Name” and “Treat as”.

Unfortunately, there are no dates for when they were entered into this record.
However, they appear to be listed beginning with the most recent.
There are options of “Add”, “Edit”, “Remove”, “Purge”.

It would be an excellent addition to Comodo if there was a Date listed for these.

Using Free Comodo -Version 4.0

Incidentally, this posting pad is not working correctly. It is jumping up and down while I type, making it very difficult.

Thanks for the response.

As noted in my post above, Computer Security Policy brings me to a horizontal listing under “Application Name” and “Treat As”.

No tabs, no services.exe.
Not could I find services.exe elsewhere.

When I attempt a response, the 1st line I type is stable.

After that, this pad jumps up and down as I type, making it very difficult to use.


Update CIS to the latest version, which is 5.3.

I put my icon on the Comodo avatar in my System Tray, and on “Configuration”, then clicked “Comodo - Proactive Security”.

I wanted to see what options that would offer.
But instead it simply put a check next to it, and grayed it out.

How do I undo that - I would like “Comodo - Proactive Security” to be unchecked, under “Configuration” when my cursor is on the Comodo icon in my System Tray.

One other question -

When I have selected “Block” when Comodo gives me a warning that something is trying to do something -
How can I look at the items I’ve blocked?

And when I see those items, how can I find out what it was asking to do when I blocked it?
(So that I can review my "Block"s).

I needed to update my version of Comodo, as deadman pointed out.

Because I had the above issues, I uninstalled Comodo, then installed the current version.

Re: your advice above - “Go to Computer Security Policy->Locate services.exe and double left click” - can you be more specific please re: “Locate Services.exe” - couldn’t locate this.

2nd question - It appears that even though I unistalled Comodo, and reinstalled new version, it appears that it saved my settings and my “Block”/“Allow” from the previous install.

Is that correct?

3rd question - This evening, for the 1st time I began getting Comodo messages stating that my computer is about to join a new Network.

The only network I use , is I connect to the Internet via my EVO Hotspot /Sprint. I’ve been doing this for months. It never notified me of a new network previously.

This has me worried that without my authorization I’m being connected to another network, or that someone is without my permission coming into my “network”.

How can I tell if this is simply referring to the internet connection I’ve been using for months, or if there is a 2nd unathorized network that I am connectted to / being connected to?

Thank you.

Lets deal with the configuration one first.

Basically you have 3 modes of configuration in which CIS can be set, Proactive, Internet and Firewall security. There is a detailed explanation of the different types here - Comodo Help
Whichever one you have chosen will have a tick next to it and will be greyed out. In picture 1 i have Proactive security set as my configuration therefore it is ticked and greyed out.

With regards to the Computer Security Policy this is where rules are kept for windows applications and depending on your set up rules for other applications. This is where you will find the rule for services.exe
Start off by right clicking the tray icon and select “Open”-This brings up the main interface. From here select “Defence+” and then click on “Computer Security Policy”. You will see 8 tabs (Defence+ rules should be the one open). Scroll down the list and you will see an entry %windir%\system32\services.exe
If you uninstalled version 4 and installed 5.3 fresh it should not have saved any rules from the previous install.

Upon installation of CIS you will be informed of the Network Zone you are about to join, just click OK (you may have to do this on 2 re-boots). This just creates an entry in “My Network Zones” which can be used in creating firewall rules.
If you don`t use p2p or need any incoming connections you can run the “Stealth Ports Wizard” located under the Firewall tab. Choose the bottom entry “Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone”

If ever you wan`t to see what has been logged go to one of View Firewall Events, View Defence+ Events or View Anti-Virus Events and click on “More”. A detailed log viewer should appear.


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