Help! i need to uninstall Cis and reinstall it. [Resolved]

??? Hello again forum members. I desperately need stupid simple advice to uninstall Cis as although it has seemingly been uninstalled already using Revo in max mode and running several registry checks its still saying " Comodo internet security is installed on this computer"and do you want to uninstall/add/remove and if you click yes or no nothing happens. I get this when i try to reiinstall 3.8 and 3.8 was running previously.Is there a tool which will remove all traces of the old app and allow a fresh installation. i have checked into the c drive files and there is no reference to comodo that i can see and initially it was showing the firewall was Comodo in windows security and followed a fix via the internet and managed to remove the reference to Comodo firewall, attempted to re install Cis Firewall / av ect and still got the message Cis is already installed.

If i cannot get rid of the old version will i be able to install version 3.9 ( when its released!!) over the top without getting the message?. A simple direction as to fix this would be greatfully appreciated.


This is the way that I did it, and it all worked out fine. I know you’ve already tried using Revo, but please uninstall CIS using Revo again, using the Advanced uninstallation.

Do not reboot when the uninstaller prompts you to, instead close the uninstaller and remove all traces of CIS found by Revo.

NOW Reboot.

Download the CIS Cleanup Batch File and run it.


Download and install the latest version of CIS from here.

Please report back here with the results (succesful installation or not).

Hope this helps,

Beanie :slight_smile:

:BNC :BNC Hi Beanie, you are a star!!. The Fix you directed me to worked like a dream, and now i have my beloved Cis back and running fine. Another nice surprise was the return of threatcast and now i am getting lots of threatcast ratings, and thats nice. once again Beanie, you saved my day.


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