[Help] I keep getting C++ Visual errors and popups ingame

I’m not really sure what’s going on, but everytime I check my pending files and click lookup and close, it starts to send submit. Every so often it runs into a C++ Visual Runtime error and must terminate the process for submitting (I cant remember off hand what the process name was).

Also when I use Diablo 2, WoW, GW, etc., sometime during the game it seems that Comodo is submitting a file cause I get a white flash box in the corner and then it minimizes the game. Once I get to the desktop there no message box or nothing, like it never happened. This is not very fun when you play Hardcore on Diablo 2 >_<, but I have it set to not show balloon messages and not show the submitting progress. Why am I still receiving a popup box? I have firewall set to default and I have the Defense+ set to Training Mode (not in safe mode)

I also seem to experience cmdagent.exe using 100% CPU whenever I try to open YourUninstaller.exe and then I cant get cmdagent to shutdown. Any clue on why it takes CPF v.3 a long time to loadup on my 2 pc n 1 laptop? Other then that I love this product, just needs to have minor adjustments.

Please keep up the good work! (:CLP)

I have no idea why the submit process gets terminated.

You can disable automatic online lookups in Miscellaneous - Settings - Updates.

You can also lock the settings with a password and disable alerts under the password protection when you play games (Miscellaneous - Settings - Parental Control). This will suppress any alerts and will probably keep your games from minimizing, but requires that you already have firewall rules set for your games.