Help, I banned Win Explorer ... [RESOLVED]

hi there

While installing Trillian, I must have clicked a comodo dialog too fast: I banned the windows explorer from accessing anyhting - seems that I clicked “isolated application” accidentially.

I figured that I must set Defense+ Settings to Disabled for the explorer to work. I tried to uninstall CIS to no avail, windows says that it is already deinstalled, whether I want to remove the entry in “Add or remove programs”.

I tried to find the place where I can remove explorer from the “isolated apps” to no avail. I checked pending files and moved all of them to “My Safe Apps” to no avail.

Can you please point me to the info to release Windows Explorer from the isolated/blocked/whatever list? Or, how can I uninstall CIS to clean up the mess when “Add or remove programs” does not work? I do want CIS back, but I think removing it could solve my problem …

My OS is WinXP US SP3

Any help GREATLY appreciated …


defense+ ----> left side, click advanced ----> computer security policies —> find explorer and change/delete it :slight_smile:

deleting is probably easier as it’ll ask again, and you can select the correct answer

Thank you very much. I just installed CIS yesterday … glad that you hinted me so quickly … (:CLP)

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