to set cpf for yahoo chess?

hi, i had set all the rule for emule and bit comet. but i fail to set cpf for yahoo chess. how do i need to do so that i can play chess there while protected by cpf??

here is what yahoo chess said in their help pages…

Behind a firewall?
If you are behind a firewall or using a proxy server, you may be unable to play Yahoo! Games. Firewalls need to open port 11999. You will need TCP inbound and outbound access for this port. The games hosts are currently,, … up to You will need to do a nslookup on these hosts to find out the IP addresses.

i set the cpf network new rule as below

TCP/UDP in/Out
source Ip any destination Ip any Source port 11999 Destination port 11999

i can play the games with these setting…but my questions are:
was this is the way i should set?
am i still safe with these setting? because now anybody can attack me on that port (11999).

Although you have allowed port 11999 inbound (via a network rule), I expect you would now be prompted for an application rule (act as server) for this listening port/process.


As long as an application is not listening on port 11999 , you will still be stealhted.


Would setting destination’s as the 70 Addresses in CPF work, i would rather this!!! (Means No one else can connect to the port, if it is listening, say) This is an example.

The In/Out logic is the same as the In logic as the source is your LAN(and port) and the Destination(And port) is the Internet addresses, right?

cheers, rotty