HELP! How to get back the application alert I denied previously [Resolved]

I have a little problem with comodo firewall.

It goes like this: When comodo asked me, to allow or deny acces for MSN messenger, Imade a mistake and pressed deny. I also pressed remember. Before this, I already had MSN as an exception, so it worked. It looks that I blocked a port and now MSN cant sign in.

I allowed all transport of MSN-Udp in/out, etc.

Here is the picture of deny, when I try to sign in:

Please tell me, what do I have to allow, so it will work. All aplications on comodo list are allowed, so I don’t have idea, why does it block.

Sorry for bad english.
Thank you.

In application monitor MSN messenger should be listed as an entry.
Remove it and reload, when prompted set your answer to allow.
This should cure your fault.

Smiggy. (:LGH)

cenarius , welcome to the forum.

To add to Smiggy’s answer, you may have to restart MSN Msgr and/or reboot to make it work.

Thank you smiggy. I removed all MSN alowed and when I allowed second time it worked. :BNC

Btw, I realy have to say, that Comodo is very good firewall: I have it for a month now, and NO SPYWARE.

Before comodo, I had Bitdefender’s firewall, and I got around 15-20 spyware per moth.

Thanks for support, see ya.