Help, How can I change the Comodo Defense+ Ereignisse?

Hello, I used this amazing software quite a lot.
but today i was shocked. A software from me changed its keys on a update and comodo did block it.

COMODO didn’t ask me to block it. It just blocked it.
Now the application is not working propberly and not getting internet access
Because comodo is blocking it
I don’t know if this is really useful software if it blocks software which you need.

Had a great time using it but now I rather have my pc full of trojan horses than this amazing program which just blocks the software I need.

Please help me and say how I can make it backwards so the keys actually can get changed.

Thanks for the help in advance. No im not mad im really happy to have trubles likes this with comodo :P0l

You guys are amazing!

still no answer. its okay take your time. I know this is diffuclt problem so we need some time to fix this together guys.

Lets keep trying :slight_smile:

please only bump your topic every 24 hours.

ok sir, I will wait 24 hours more :slight_smile:
But I hope I will get an answer soon !ot!