help! GUI not working!!

today when i booted the PC, the desktop took a little bit longer to appear.

Then, there was nothing except the wallpaper, no icons, no start menu.

For the first time, i got it right by using Ctrl+Alt+Del then New Task then explorer.exe

But, the next time i restarted, the problem persisted. Even i can’t open any folders or drives.

I can access the drives and folders only through DOS, or the task manager(Ctrl+Alt+Del)

I saw two processes namely

  1. owjokuch rundll32.exe “C:\WINDOWS\system32\owjokuch.dll”,s
  2. wmjgenhj rundll32.exe “C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmjgenhj.dll”,b

i disabled them, and after rebooting, i got the same problem.

Then, i tried starting the explorer.exe from the task manager. It starts, only to get terminated automatically.

Please HELP!! (:SAD)

Hi somu, welcome to the forums.

Based on what you posted (the 2 DLLs), this looks a possible Vundo/Virtumonde infection. These 2 DLLs are probably loading at start-up (along with some other things).

Does the system actually reach your desktop? Can you boot in safe mode? What’s your OS & Anti-Virus application?

Also, once you’ve seen this… I’ll move this topic to a more appropriate section.

Greetings, and welcome to the forums!

They’re most likely in use (probably by winlogon.eze), so the easiest way is to boot with the XP-CD and use the Recovery Console to get rid of them. If you should need help with this, just ask.