Help getting Comodo to allow Utorrent. [Resolved]

I learned if I turn off the Firewall its allowed to go though. But if I have on the connection is limited. I tried allowing Comodo to let it though but whenever I open Utorrent it has the pop ups asking if i wan to allow it.

Open CFP.

Go to Security > Application Monitor.

Find utorrent.exe, double-click.

Activate “Skip Parent Check”

Activate “Allow all activities for this application”, “Allow invisible connection”, “Skip advanced security”, then click “OK”. Do not close CFP yet.

Open uTorrent.

In uTorrent, Options > Preferences.

Click on “Connection”.

Uncheck “Randomize port”.

Write down the number for “Port used for incoming”.

Click OK and minimize uTorrent.

Back to CFP.

In CFP: Security > Network Monitor.

Click on Rule #0, then right-click on Rule #0 > Add Rule > Add Before. Add the following rule:

  • Action: Allow
  • Protocol: TCP or UDP
  • Direction: In
  • Source IP: Any
  • Destination IP: Any
  • Source Port: Any
  • Destination Port: A single port – and put here uTorrent’s port you note above.

Click OK, and close Comodo. Restart your computer for good measure.

I restarted and as soon as I opened Utorrent and it asked to allow it with firefox. It still has it as yellow.

Both are very popular: uTorrent and how to get it green with CFP (:LOV).,6450.0.html,7116.0.html

Never mind its green now. (:TNG)

It depends on the torrent and # of peers/seeds available. For me it takes anywhere from seconds to half a minute to get it green when uTorrent first loads.