Help getting Azureus to run properly...


I’m new to COMODO Firewall. I have a problem which is the firewall seems to restrict azureus from accessing the net.

Error message taken from the azureus NAT/Firewall Test:
“NAT Error - Connection attempt to aborted: timed out after 20sec
Proxy IP is ‘’, original is ‘’.”

After that, I have trouble letting Azureus download at optimal speed.

I have set ‘Allow’ in COMODO firewall to allow Azureus to access the net, but that did not solve the problem. However, when I disable COMODO firewall, Azureus runs without any problems at all.

Currently my port set for Azureus is:
TCP 58627
UDP 64237

Can you all help me by telling me what I should do or how should I set my firewall to allow Azureus to run properly.



nvm I solved the problem by myself. Anyway, nice help.

Welcome at the forums. (:HUG)

Sorry about this. If another time you wait for more than 2-3 days use the report to a mod button and describe that you need assistance.

ps. almost all the mods are in the forum during their free time, but it was weekend and we do have some personal life too. We cannot be in here 24 hours a day