Help FTP Client Wont Connect On Default Settings

When I use Cute FTP client and the default FTP rules are on I cant connect to a FTP server unless I change the rule from allow port 20 to allow any.

No matter what port I try in the rule I cant connect but allow any works which seems so strange.
In the last beta I just change to 21 and was ok. My router blocks other ports but I would like the firewall to only allow the ports i choose.

Ok I cant work ftp out what should the predefined rules be as mine don’t work unless on allow all where a port is specified ie 20 or 21 under the in and out rules for ftp predefined rules.

So if anyone knows what is wrong I need to know as allow any is so unacceptable to me.

Look in your log. This is the easiest way to see what is getting blocked and then you can write a rule for the blocked stuff.