Help! Freecom Toughdrive external USB HDD not detected

I just bought a Freecom Toughdrive (500Gb) usb external drive and Windows 7 is not detecting the hard drive. I then brought it to my friend and connected it to his Windows XP machine and the HDD was easily recognized. I disabled the drive’s password feature (since I don’t need it) and formatted it to NTFS, then copied some videos into it w/ no problem. When I got home & plugged the drive back into my Win 7 machine (w/c had CODOMO firewall 4.0.141842.828), it only sees the ‘logical CD drive’ w/c has the password application but not the external drive (it appears the drive has 2 logical drives in it). When I try running the Password.exe application, it reports ‘No Supported Freecom hard drive detected’. Under Device Management, it shows the external drive but with the ‘exclamation point’ symbol. I try installing drivers but the system reports ‘Access Denied’. After a long search for possible solutions or Windows updates or applications I may have that may be interfering, I tried uninstalling CODOMO firewall. My PC then finally allowed installing the corresponding standard Win 7 usb driver and recognized the drive & contents.

Is there a setup parameter I can set in CODOMO for it to allow my Toughdrive to be recognized? Thanks.

It sounds like the Sandbox is getting in the way at first hearing. Try disabling it and reboot your computer.