Help for moving cert

I have my cert backed up but since I have changed computers and operating systems I want to know how to move my cert to secure email and if that can be done?

Hi, Patrice

First make sure that you’ve backed up (exported) the certificate with private key.

It can be done for sure. You have to copy file with exported certificate to new PC and doubleclick on it. The Certificate import wizard should install it into the Personal store after finishing. And after that Comodo SecureEmail should find and use this certificate.

I hope this post will help to resolve your issue.
Feel free to ask any questions on this process.

Regards, Eugene.

Right erm where do I export it too? I know to my new computer but is there anywhere special I should export it too? The personal store of SecureEmail do you mean?

Hi, Patrice

You should export it to a file in any SECURE location You have access to. The Personal Store - I meant the Persoanl Certificate Store of Windows - it is the store where imported certificates automatically placed to with Windows Certificate Import Wizard.

Regards, Eugene