Help for Magic Actions for Youtube Extension

Hi, I upgraded to the new version of CD today on one of my pc’s, and low and behold one of my extensions, and probably my favorite extension, Magic Actions for Youtube has been removed by google. The developers have been working on it for over 10 years and according to the Facebook page, no direct reason was given whatsoever, but MAFY believe it was top down favoritism given to another “top contributor” re: Magic Actions for YouTube.

So on my other pc’s I have not updated CD and the MAFY extension is working fine. What I want to know is their anyway of installing this extension on the new CD? Like is their an “old unsupported extension database” with an .exe or something so I can install and had a copy for future upgrades. Or is their some way of copying the data from my pc that has the MAFY extension working and bring it over to new CD version.

Kind regards, sparky88 8)

You can try saving the .crx file from the extensions folder in the Dragon installation folder.

Hi, OK I got it working :slight_smile:
From the customize and control dragon menu.
Settings/Extensions/Developer Mode/ON/Load unpacked.
I then copied a working MAFY version, found in Userdata/Profile 1/Extensions/abjcfabbhafbcdfjoecdgepllmpfceif/ folder.
Load unpacked.

I also managed to build a .crx copy as well as backup.

Awesome and thx for heading me down the right rabbit hole.
sparky88 8)

I also want to say, the program was knocked out not because of the update, but because I was using a copy of the portable version on another pc.
My links work, but the extensions didnt migrate.

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