Help for friend on his shared connections


A friend who has a Dlink broadband modem Model-DIR 300 has a problem with some connections he in share with. While I am not privy to the ins and outs of his connection but I’d like to as some questions as I would like to introduce him to Comodo firewall instead of the Windows 7 Basic Firewall. Well I have not used the built-in firewall of Windows because capability wise I’d prefer Comodo any-day anytime.

Also his pc is used for social networking/ some occasional online gaming / occasional online banking / Gmail and Yahoo Mail use / Skype. On that what maybe some inputs as to how Comodo may be set for him to be safe…

His current setup is AvastFree realtime, Malwarebytes Free on-demand, Windows Firewall. OS is Windows 7 Basic x32. I believe the router does not have a firewall also as this is a cheap add-in from the telephone company. It’s a wired connection but the other two connects via wireless.

Now for some questions:

  1. He knows of only 3 connections with his service. A brother and a nephew. Now sometimes he sees someone in the Network which he does not know using his connection.

Can Comodo block that particular connection out-rightly without affecting the 2 other?

Can Comodo terminate that connection instantly? (terminate connection).

  1. Sometimes he cannot connect to the internet and only one (from the 3 can). I seem to think that one is hogging all the bandwidth or something…

What may be best done to determine that?

Are there tools that (freeware if can) that we can use to determine that?

Maybe to regulate or make a better allocation of the bandwidth share perhaps…?

Once we have determined that, how can Comodo firewall help in this situation? Can Comodo just terminate one or two of the connections out-rightly?

  1. How can we monitor the connections in Comodo…? Maybe some examples please as I am kinda slow on this one…

  2. What may be a good setup for a 3 shared connection in Comodo…? Some examples or better yet advice or information that we need to know of and adapt for a safe environment if you may please…

As of the moment the concern is the shared connections as I also see that it seems one is hogging it. Plus since there seems to be someone using it outside of the three authorized there is some security hole there.

I cannot give some good advice as I do not share my connection. Well frankly I do not like anyone sharing mine to avoid some things such as this. And of course security issues. Get your own --my motto.

Please share some inputs, ideas and good security-wise advice as I on my own cannot give that.

Thank you very much.

How about properly configuring (WEP/WPA encryption) the wireless modem this way you don’t have unknown users freeloading off and internet connection their not paying for.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll ask on that encryption. Can there be a way to terminate a suspicious connection that is seen?

This would depend entirely on the firmware in the Dlink DIR300.

As aim4it said, make sure the wireless router has some form of encryption set up. This will ensure that anyone who wants to connect must know the encryption string.

There are a couple of other things you can do to eliminate the leech;

  1. assign a static IP address to the trusted connections and disable DHCP on the router
  2. if the router supportsit, enable MAC address filtering, enter the MAC addresses of all trusted connections
  3. hide the SSID of the wireless network

The router is the point of access so I would focus there before I worried about what firewall was in use on one of the endpoints.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. They don’t have any smartphones that have wifi, do they?