Help For Comodo Firewall 3


I’m new here so I don’t know how to creat a new topic here, but anyway - I’m having some troubles with my Firewall. It says that something is wrong, and this could be fixed by reinstalling it. It was my friend who fixed this Firewall to me when he installed Windows on this computer, so if I uninstall the Firewall, do I need any codes or something? Or is it possible o repair the pogram? At the moment everything is turned off, so I guess I don’t have any protection. Still it says I got the pogram for lifetime.


// Pierolle

What firewall are we talking about? Are you currently using Comodo 3.0 ?

Hey Pierolle,

Sorry about moving and splitting your topic. Mod powers can be a pain in the but, So anyway I split your topic and its been finally moved here. :slight_smile: