Help Firewall Problem

Hey people I just posting to say my Defense+ and firewall modes are broken, don’t ask me how it happened but a similar thing happened on one of the RC releases also. I had it on my pc for about half a day working fine, installation was perfect. Set the Defense+ to CleanPC mode and firewall security mode to Train with safe mode. Once pretty much all my programs had rules and i was getting pretty much Nill windows popping up asking stuff, Firefox asked me to update which i did to and as soon as it installed that was it. Everytime now i open Firefox it asks me lots n lots of questions, and then i close firefox after clicking allow and remember, i open firefox again and wham lots of questions. i checked in cpf, Everytime i open firefox it creates a new ruleset, so if i open firefox 5 times it will have 5 seperate rules which are Exactly the same? (allow ip out from ip any to ip any where protocol is any) And will keep on asking me stuff and keep on adding identical rules. Its driving me crazy same thing happening in defence +

Other security programs currently running is BOC 4.25
Avast latest version (home)
and cpf current version
all running on xp pro 32bit

Hello kamodo

Whenever you do an update or a new install of an application you should set the mode on the summary page to “installation mode” or check in the first popup that comes “installer or updater”
This will allow the app to install or the update to complete without all the popups.


Had a similar problem, Firefox update wouldn’t finish it’s update properly until I clicked ‘try again’ which brought up a new CFP alert, which when allowed, let the FF update finish OK.

Guess everyone with Firefox and CFPv3 saw this today.


This looks like a bug that also existed in CFP RC1 for AVG. It would create a new identical rule set for every launch of the antivirus. Try adding Firefox to your My Own Safe Files and Define a New Trusted Application for the Defense+ and Firewall. This may not work, but it is worth trying.

Im sorry maybe i never explained my problem properly, when i said i would get lots of firefox rules because it would ask questions everytime i open the same application over n over n over again. It would also do that to other programs like Boclean an ctfmon ect… Its just not the one program. But anyway i got sick of it and reinstalled the Firewall, after restart i deleated the cpf’s Folder also. When i reinstalled in Cleanpcmode It wasn’t treating ANY of my programs on my computer as safe, It was exactly the same as in Paranoid mode! I told ya its broken. Also with firewall its on train with safe mode. with firefox i set it as Browser, and everytime i open it, it asks if it can connect to such n such if i click allow and remember my answer it keeps popping up never ending amounts of time as long as the browser is open but if i click allow with out Remember my answer it works perfectly until next time. Which may i add is Exactly how the RC Acted on my computer, Perfect to start with then after a while it snaps then i try fixing with a reinstall and bam even worse. beginning to think if it was even worth it, can i still download cpf 2.4?

It sure sounds broken… Try uninstalling it again and then clean the registry of any stray CFP entries (tedious, but you can search for Comodo in Regedit and just avoid entries that apply to BOClean etc.). Then turn off any security software including BOC and reboot and then reinstall CFP. Do not install in safe mode - that has caused problems before. If you are confident that your system is free of malware, you can set the security to Training Mode for the start until you have used your normal range of programs. As for BOC, you will have to start the BOC Excluder and put the CFP exe’s that have the shield icon into the Excluder as well as cfpagent.exe. They inspect processes in memory and CFP prevents inspection of its processes - causing alerts.

ooh my well thanks for the help but i think i may just uninstall then try again in the future, hoping by then they would have ironed out all the creases. As of now its just to many problems considering i was looking for a problem free streamlined security application. I guess its back to the windows Firewall, At least boclean works perfectly for me.

This problem cropped up on another thread I was on.
Apparently CPFv3 is not remembering some of the ‘Allowed’ applications (something to do with the way applications are named and remembered).
There is an update on it’s way (probably this week) which will overcome this problem and many others.
In the meantime if you are using BOClean switch off Defense+ until you get the update (click the bottom box on the Defense+ page to disable and reboot).