HELP: Firewall alerts disappear

I don’t know if this has to do with my ongoing GUI problem e.g.

but every time a when I open a program comodo naturally asks me whether to allow or block a connection. Obviously that’s not the problem. The problem is that when it asks for a connection the alert pop-up disappears too quickly for me to even give a response. The pop-up stays for a little over a second and then magically disappears. This doesn’t happen with Defense + alerts, it only happens with firewall alerts.

Any ideas?

Worth checking to see if the wait time is set correctly.

Under Firewall/Advanced/ General Settings - Keep alert on screen for max.
Default is usually 120 seconds.

If that’s set correctly there could be another reason for it.

Perhaps others may know.


I have never had this happen. Worst comes to worse to a complete uninstall and reinstall. Use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode.

No, it can’t be that because my wait time is set way beyond the default time.

I guess it’s a bad install then.

Try the uninstall via Revo as mentioned above, and a fresh install.

Never heard of this problem before though.


I tried that MikeG but the problem still remains. Guess it’s just a bug. A very annoying, disgusting, filthy bug. (:AGY)

I have never heard of this at all. When Comodo said reboot after uninstall did you? Have you tried new video card drivers. Is your .NETframework up to date?