Help File Should Show V7 Public Release And Not Still Beta[HF]

  1. Comodo Internet Security v.7.0, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software | Comodo
  2. The help file shows “For testing only” and mentions that it is for the current ‘Beta’ version in the important note.
  3. It needs to be updated (Or at least the important note does) to correspond with the latest stable release.
    Even if the help file is still incomplete, the Beta version of the program is now history and the latest stable should be mentioned.
  4. It needs to updated to correspond with the latest stable release.

Thank you.

Thank you for reporting this. I have edited the title to be slightly more descriptive. I will now forward this to the Verified section for reporting Help File errors.

Thanks again.

This is now fixed and corresponds with the latest stable release 7.0.313494.4115. :-TU

That’s great to hear. In that case I’ll move this to Resolved.

Thanks for checking.