Help file says "Define exceptions" instead of "Define exclusions" [V7][HF]

1: A link to the relevant help file page:

2: What the help files says on the issue of concern (if anything)
It says “Define exceptions for behavior blocking”
3: What you think it should say or explain
“Define exclusions for behavior blocking”
4: Why you think it should say or explain that
Because in both Comodo Internet Security and in a image on the help page it says [i]Define exclusions for behavior blocking

Thank you for reporting this issue with the Help File. I have moved this to the format verified portion of the bug reporting forum and forwarded this issue to the proper Comodo staff.

Thanks again.

This issue appears to be fixed. :-TU


I’m very happy to hear that. In that case I will move this report to Resolved. If the issue occurs again please let me know.

Thank you.