Help file needs help

Maybe the Help file has been improved with the Betas (none of which I’ve tried), but I’ll list a few glitches I’ve observed anyway. These all pertain to the the Help file’s Keywords or Index view (or whatever it’s called in English – I’m using WinXP Japanese), not the Table of Contents view.

  1. Some of the entries listed in the index are empty. Clicking on them gives an error message in the Help window. Examples:
  • Comodo News
  • Program Control
  • Program Navigation
  • Starting Comodo LaunchPad (a feature that seems to no longer exist)

There may be others, too.

  1. The “Learn an Application” link opens up the “Define a new Trusted Network” page.

  2. “Application Control Rule Attributes” opens up “Scan for Known Applications.” Is this really the intended page?

  3. “Learn Browser Applications” opens up the “Scan for Known Applications” page. “Browser” applications?? Shouldn’t it be “Known” instead?

  4. “Alerts” opens up the “Logs” page instead of the “Types of Alerts” page.

  5. The “What’s New in Comodo Firewall” page doesn’t say what’s new in the latest installed version of CPF ( for me). The newest version info listed is for 2.3.5.

  6. There are a lot of entries that are abbreviated or that use underlines or arbitrary capital letters. Examples: “send_files”, “EditingDialCPf”, and “types_of_Pop_up_windows”.