Help file for setting up CIS w Bittorrent starts with port range 1025... [M1480]

Comodo says enter the port range “1025 - 65535”. However, I have found that setting it to this blocks connections on the port range 1024. I think the CIS help file needs to be updated to reflect ports 1024 - 65535.

Any update on this? I think Comodo help files need to be updated.

Hey NetGuy,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we’re checking.

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@Netguy101, could you provide some references?


What do you mean by references?

For example, links that confirm the correct port range.

Is this enough for reference?

I can’t find anything that refers to the exact port range for BitTorrent. A screenshot might help.

Here is an entry I got in my logs after setting up qbittorrent to use the ruleset the CIS help files advised.

Got this downloading Ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso

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Done. Thanks.