help, ELwhOqs8oT5L.exe in process, can't clean! (pls del another topic)

Sorry my accout can’t login, so please delete another topic and keep this.
link is here

When computer boot, CIS block ELwhOqs8oT5L.exe!
Yes, this is in the process, but when I try to locate this file, and go to temp folder, seems it isn’t there!
But when I end process, next time when pc boot, it appear again!

I search the temp folder, no such a file.
I search the registry, find nothing.

this process try to connect with 92.241_190_161.

How to solve it, thanks!

CIS: 5.0
OS: windows 7 U 64bit

I upload photo to this forum.
or u can see from here:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Does Kloxo mean anything to you. Reverse lookup seems to lead there.

This could be a false positive.