HELP! Defense + Security Level

Hello there

We have Comodo Internet Security Premium and as of yesterday…cannot access the internet so long as the Defense + Security Level part is enabled. I must have done something because it was working just fine until yesterday. Now, the only way I can use the internet is if I disable that part but leave on the others (antivirus, sandbox, firewall). Any ideas as to how to fix this or what I may have done???


Probably you’ve blocked your browser?

I’m pretty computer illiterate…How could I check to see if I’ve done that and/or fix it??? Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks for the reply.

Defense+ ->Advanced->Computer Security Policy and look for your browser.

That seemed to work!!! Thank you SO much! :slight_smile:

Glad to help. Enjoy CIS. :slight_smile:

i use google chrome and i downloaded an eucar virus test file. my cis did not notify or block it, as a matter of fact, it didnt detect it. but whaen i scanned the file with the scanner, it detected it. why is it like this? cant it block it directly?

Dou you have the defaults settings for AV scanner (Stateful)? Thats mean everything is scanned on-acces.

no, i have it on - on access but still it is not detecting the eicar virus file when i am downloading it…

When the download the eicar file, it is archived? I do not thing there ist a problem, because latest you acce the file, it will be blocked by Comodo.

but the thing is that what if when i download something else,and it carries a virus , then what am i supposed to do? ???

When this file will be accessed (from you or system) and if the file is malicious than will be blocked by Comodo and the computer will not be infected.
When this file is not known yet in the Comodo database as malicious then this unknown file (thats mean ist not digitally signed) will be runed in Sandbox and the computer will not be infected (you must have Comodo Internet Security).

then what is the use of having internet security if it does not protect the pc from getting infected ?

Why do you think you are not protected? CIS prevents the computer to be infected.

yeah!!! but not from viruses which are getting downloaded from the web…

CIS protects against malware that is downloaded from the web because the malware must still access the harddrive and memory to do damage which is scanned by CIS.

and one more thing is that how can i be sure that all the other features like firewall etc. are also working?

On main page from CIS you have the system status wich, if everything works correctly is green but you can check individdual the events from each module (firewall / Defense +, etc).